Yash - Graduate Wells Decommissioning Engineer

Yash was born in New Delhi, India and in his early life, he moved to the Midlands with his family. With aspirations of joining the aviation industry, he attended the University of Manchester and graduated with an MEng in Mechanical Engineering.

He was however drawn to oil and gas because of the opportunity to tackle the technical challenges of drilling and decommissioning in the offshore environment.
He has worked in the industry now for three years, and in his current role with Harbour Energy he looks at wells and establishes the way they should be decommissioned to ensure the methodology is cost effective, safe and minimises any risk to the environment. ‘This involves understanding how the wells were drilled and any specific issues there may have been with them. I create a decommissioning plan and work with suppliers to decide on the right equipment to use and get it out to the rig. There’s a lot to think about, from weather conditions offshore to the limitations of the drilling rig itself,’ he explains.
Yash enjoys the complexity of the projects he works on. ‘You tend to play detective when you are establishing how a well was drilled and what challenges that poses to its decommissioning. I also get to understand and use interesting kit when planning the decommissioning campaigns, which is satisfying,’ he says. Yash also likes the early planning phase of these projects where important decisions are made with the data available, which determines how each well is decommissioned. In the operational phase, he enjoys working as part of a team to deal with any issues that come up when the project is underway.
Still being relatively new to the industry and decommissioning, he says he sometimes finds it frustrating not understanding all the tools he has at his disposal to tackle problems from the outset. But as with any role, the learning process takes time and patience. ‘I am always learning something new from the team around me and I am lucky to have their support,’ he adds.
Yash has planned and is currently executing the decommissioning of three wells on our Vulcan RD platform in the southern North Sea, which is the culmination of months of planning and years of learning. He is proud to have the responsibility of taking these wells from initial operational design through to final decommissioning execution.
He is also involved with the Energy Institute Young Professionals’ Network (EIYPN), which is a platform for professionals early in their career to learn, network and grow together. They hold events, panel discussions, dinners, and socials to inform Young Professionals’ (YPs) and develop their network in the energy sector.
He says: ‘I recently had the opportunity to interview Phil Kirk, Harbour Energy's President and CEO Europe, about the energy transition,  which is one of the great challenges  of our generation. With the EIYPN I have also been involved in organising other events. It has been a really rewarding experience and I would encourage anyone studying or starting their career to get involved.’
EIYPN’s aim is to create a robust network of YPs who are at the forefront of knowledge in the changing energy landscape and to understand the role they play in it. Through the events, YPs get to interact with each other, industry experts and senior leaders. This year, due to Covid-19, they have adapted to create a range of online content among which are soft skills development and energy transition panel discussions with companies involved in carbon capture and sequestration (CCS). If you are interested in learning more, follow EIPYN on social media, or via energyinst.org/ei-near-me/uk/aberdeen-ypn.
Outside of work, Yash’s other passions include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and hiking.