At Harbour Energy, we aim to run safe and reliable operations, protecting our people, assets and the environment, and generating profit from within our portfolio.

We support an innovative and environmentally-responsible culture with a focus on a low-carbon future.

We are committed to meeting the dual challenge the world energy markets face – increasing energy supply to meet demand and in doing so with lower greenhouse gas emissions. All while continuing to grow our business.

We acknowledge and agree with the statement from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), that carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) is critical to reducing CO2 emissions and meeting the UK’s 2050 emissions reduction targets.

We are an early investor in the Acorn carbon capture and storage project, which aims to capture CO2 emissions from the St Fergus Gas Terminal, transporting them offshore for permanent sequestration.

We have also submitted two licence applications for storing CO2 in depleted southern North Sea gas reservoirs in support of the Humber V Net Zero project.