Our culture is based on a community of empowerment and passionate people who deliver our Business Principles through our shared Core Values.

To be able to perform competitively in the evolving energy landscape it is essential for personnel to be competent and empowered and to work safely together to successfully achieve results.

Ensuring our people are kept safe and well and raising awareness of potential dangers related to our operations and locations, is of paramount importance to us. Our people are our most important asset and through our workplace wellbeing programme we provide online resources that focus on physical, financial, social and mental wellbeing.

Across our assets, we apply a process safety and asset integrity performance reporting system. Each facility carries out a self-assessment on the status of six critical ‘barriers’: plant integrity, maintenance, control, people, procedures and recovery - each of which has a role in the management of major accident hazards. We report assessments and check that the barriers we have in place are suitable to manage the risks. We use this information as key performance indicators to drive continuous improvement.