Jon Reed - Facilities Team Leader, Britannia

People with passion and integrity, like Jon, our Facilities Team Leader on the Britannia platform are at the heart of Harbour Energy.

His role offshore is to manage vessel and helicopter operations, oversee scaffolding, rigging, crane operations and maintenance, fabric maintenance, deck crew, materials and catering. ‘I don’t seem to have enough hours in a day, but I really enjoy the fact that there are never two days the same,’ he says.

Jon started work in the North Sea in 1988 and has spent the last two years on Britannia. His typical working day starts early at 5.30am when he gathers information for the day’s activities. This includes what the weather will be like for flights, details of the work scopes that need support and what the teams will be doing. Every day starts with a morning meeting and a discussion on safety, before moving on to make sure everyone is fully prepared and ready for the day ahead.

At home in Sunderland, Jon’s day takes a more laid-back approach. He spends his time mostly with his family or being Mr FixIt where he uses his natural skill tactile and kinaesthetic ability to fix anything.

Growing up, Jon never dreamed he would work offshore. His thoughts were firmly on being a musician and learning to play the guitar better than his older brother. Something he admits he never really succeeded at.

Today, Jon’s passion has two sides. When he is at home, it is about living life to the full and having great family holidays. ‘Time flies past and the kids grow up too fast,’ he says. When he’s at work, it is about using his 30+ years of experience to get the best out of people and make sure everyone achieves their full potential.