A diverse and inclusive working environment supports our ability to recruit, retain and promote staff based on competence and regardless of age, disability, gender, marital status, maternity, race, religion and belief, and sexual orientation.

At Harbour, we work hard to create a culture where everyone can thrive and succeed. Our commitment to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment is foundational to our values and is underpinned by the
following policies:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) sits at the very heart of corporate culture. In 2022, we rolled out our corporate values and behaviours, with DE&I a common theme woven into our identity. Our company values were carefully selected to promote behaviours aligned to promoting an inclusive culture. We have also updated our DE&I policy in line with international best practices.

We strive to be a company where every employee is at the centre of our operations and is genuinely valued for who they are. Valuing everyone’s contribution isn’t just something we talk about. It’s what we aim to put into practice every single day.

We are committed to being transparent and we are moving forward responsibly, building a more diverse and inclusive workplace for all.

Our DE&I framework is focused on building an inclusive culture that creates equal access to opportunity and attracts talent from across our society. In support of this, we have set up seven DE&I networks. Each is employee-led and supported by an executive sponsor. They include:

Cultural NetworkEthnic and cultural diversity
Early Careers NetworkAge diversity
Gender Balance NetworkGender diversity
Pride NetworkSexual identity/orientation
Menopause Support GroupAge/gender diversity
Neurodiversity NetworkNeurodiversity
STEM Ambassadors NetworkSocio economic mobility

In 2023, we made progress towards our global DE&I ambitions achieving:

  • An increase in the diversity of our Leadership Team to 33 per cent (22 per cent in 2022)
  • A maintained 37 per cent female gender diversity in graduate roles

Our drive to increase inclusive recruitment over the year included training for the HR team and mandatory diverse candidate selection panels and shortlists.

In 2023, we earned several DE&I accreditations, including being recognised as a Living Wage Employer by the UK Living Wage Foundation as well as a Level 1 accreditation as a disability confidence employer by the UK Government. We collaborate with external organisations such as the Women’s Engineering Society, STEM Learning UK, Institute of Neurodiversity and AFBE-UK. To demonstrate our commitment to DE&I, by 2030 we are aiming for:

  • 40 per cent of our Leadership Team from diverse backgrounds (gender and ethnicity)
  • 30 per cent of women in senior management roles/across the workforce
  • 40 per cent of our graduates being female

In support of these goals, we also aim to increase the per cent of our new recruits that are women.

Our drive to improve diversity, equity and inclusion is continuing. Our priorities include:

  • developing higher visibility and reporting of our diversity statistics across the business;
  • an inclusive recruitment approach; and
  • embedded processes to ensure fair advancement and pay for women and ethnic minorities.
Harbour Energy is a disability confident committed employer.