Latest dividend

On 23 August 2023 Harbour declared an interim dividend for 2023 of 12 cents per ordinary share to be paid in GBP at the spot rate prevailing on the record date. This dividend was paid on 18 October 2023 to shareholders on the register as of 8 September 2023 (the record date). A dividend re-investment plan (DRIP) is available to shareholders who would prefer to invest their dividends in the shares of the company.

DividendDividend record date
Declared amount per share (USD)Exchange rate GBP/USDDividend amount per share (GBP Sterling)Dividend payment date
Interim 20238 September 202312 cents1.24739.6208 pence18 October 2023

Final 2022
14 April 202312 cents1.24259.6579 pence24 May 2023
Interim 20229  September 202211 cents1.15799.4999 pence19 October 2022

Final 2021

8 April 202211 cents1.30178.4505 pence18 May 2022

Dividend reinvestment plan

Harbour operates a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) which provides you, a valued shareholder, with the opportunity to use your Harbour Energy dividends to purchase more Harbour Energy ordinary shares, enabling you to increase your shareholding in a convenient and cost-effective way. The DRIP Terms and Conditions are available to view and download at

To make sure you are accepted into the DRIP before the next dividend, please ensure your completed Dividend Reinvestment Plan Application Form is received by Equiniti no later than 5.00pm fifteen (15) working days prior to the dividend payment date. Applications that miss this deadline will only be eligible for subsequent dividends where the DRIP is offered.

To save time and help reduce fraud, Harbour Energy does not pay dividends by cheque. Therefore, if you decide not to participate in the DRIP, you must provide Equiniti with your nominated bank account details in order to receive any cash dividend. A bank mandate form is available online at, or if your holding is less than 2,500 shares, you can provide your payment details online or by phone (restrictions may apply).

If you have any questions about the DRIP then please contact Equiniti on +44 (0)371 384 2030.