Ensuring our people are kept safe and well, and raising awareness of potential dangers related to our operations and locations, is of paramount importance to us.

At Harbour, nothing is ever so urgent or important that we cannot take the time to do it safely, with care for the environment and in a way in which we can all be proud.

Reinforcing a strong safety culture across our integrated global organisation is fundamental to us. We continually work to reduce risk and ensure the safety of everyone working for us setting the right tone at the top and then rigorously implementing standards and policies, training, raising awareness, and sharing information.

Our health, safety, environment and security (HSES) policy is managed through our business management system (BMS) and comprises a comprehensive set of standards and procedures that govern all our business activities.

Occupational health and safety

Our Board of Directors oversees health and safety matters through the HSES Committee and we keep our HSES performance under constant review.

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Process safety

We strive to achieve process safety excellence and work continually to reduce the likelihood and potential severity of process safety events.

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Emergency preparedness

We operate a complex, global asset base that requires us to maintain emergency-preparedness processes, equipment and staff.

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