Harbour Energy operates a complex, global asset base that requires us to maintain emergency-preparedness processes, effective response equipment and experienced staff available to respond when needed.

Our crisis management team (CMT), comprising members of our leadership team and subject-matter experts, is ready to manage incidents and emerging risks including those related to cyber security. This team retains the capability to respond to incidents across multiple locations using our crisis management information system. We operate an industry-standard three-tier incident management system that is aligned to our organisational design: operational (local), tactical (country) and strategic (global).

We have detailed oil spill emergency plans in place for all our operated assets. Our associate membership with Oil Spill Response Limited provides access to their worldwide network of oil spill response equipment and expertise.

Assuring safe, continuous operations

The competence and preparedness of our CMT, incident management teams (IMTs) and facilities is critical to ensuring both safe, continuous operations and Harbour's strategic viability.

In 2022, we participated in the UK's national contingency plan (NCP) exercise, which is a significant event held every four years in the oil and gas industry. Over 70 of our personnel took part in the event over two days, including our CMT, IMT, environment unit, technical response team, and other subject matter experts.