The 2021 Annual General Meeting (the ‘AGM’ or the ‘Meeting’) of the Company, will be held at 23 Lower Belgrave Street, London, SW1W 0NR at 3:00pm on 23 June 2021.

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AGM attendance

The Board believes that, notwithstanding the current plan for the relaxation of Government restrictions on the holding of events, a cautious approach to situations that appear to carry a higher COVID-19 transmission risk (particularly indoor events) will remain necessary for some time to come. Accordingly, while the Board will hold the 2021 AGM at 23 Lower Belgrave Street, London, SW1W 0NR, shareholders and corporate representatives are strongly encouraged not to attend the AGM in person but instead be represented by the Chair of the AGM acting as their proxy.

At the AGM, the Company will conduct the necessary AGM business, principally putting the resolutions to shareholders and calling a poll. For safety reasons, a bare minimum of Directors and staff will attend so as to ensure that the meeting is quorate. There will be no presentations on the Company’s business and no refreshments will be available. Instead, the Board has arranged for a presentation to be made available on the Company’s website at on the morning of 23 June.

Voting at the AGM

We strongly encourage all shareholders to exercise their vote by appointing the Chair of the Meeting (rather than a named individual) as their proxy and providing voting instructions in advance of the AGM, in accordance with the instructions explained in the Notes attached to the Notice of AGM. Proxy votes can also be submitted at


We understand that the AGM is an opportunity for shareholders to ask questions of the Board in relation to the business of the AGM and the Company’s operations. We are keen to ensure that this dialogue continues, even though we face challenging external circumstances. In view of the Board’s guidance outlined above regarding attendance at the AGM, the Company will be accepting questions for the AGM via email ([email protected]) or, alternatively, we would be happy to receive written questions by post sent to our Registrar, Link Group. The Company reserves the right to summarise and/or aggregate questions of a similar nature and responses given will be in relation to the business of the AGM only. Any questions to be put to the AGM should be submitted by the close of business on 21 June 2021 and the Company will publish a summary of responses within the ‘Investors’ section of its website following the AGM.