Viking CCS welcomes West Burton Energy

17 October 2022: Harbour Energy today announces that Viking CCS (formerly V Net Zero), the CO2 capture, transport and storage network, has entered into a partnership with West Burton Energy, the independent power generation company based in Nottinghamshire, to capture, transport and permanently store CO2 emissions from the West Burton B power station.

West Burton B is a highly flexible and efficient Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plant with a combined output of 1,333 megawatts of energy including 49 megawatts of battery storage capacity. The plant also offers stability services for the national electricity grid. This partnership will offer West Burton’s customers secure decarbonised energy and promote continued inward investment into the Nottinghamshire area.

The addition of West Burton B diversifies the range of CO2 capture projects within the Viking CCS network, which aims to support the UK’s ambition to be a global leader in carbon capture and storage (CCS) and meet the Government’s net zero emissions targets.

Viking CCS is targeting a reduction of 10 million tonnes of UK emissions per annum by 2030, with first capture planned for as early as 2027. The project will also play a key role in solving the issue of stranded emissions from UK businesses and industrial clusters through the development of an extended pipeline-based network, which will link key emitters to Viking CCS’s transport and storage network.

Harbour Energy and West Burton Energy have recently begun the necessary engineering design to connect West Burton B to the high-capacity Viking CCS storage sites located deep beneath the Southern North Sea. West Burton Energy is, in parallel, evaluating post-combustion carbon capture technology to capture up to 90% of its carbon emissions as part of its wider decarbonisation strategy for the site.  This strategy will also include the deployment of hydrogen co-firing and the development and construction of further electricity storage facilities.

Steve Cox, EVP HSES and Global Services of Harbour Energy, commented:

“West Burton Energy’s decision to join the Viking CCS cluster marks a significant step forward in the project’s aim to reduce the UK’s industrial emissions. It extends our geographic footprint further beyond the Humber region to inland emitters in Nottinghamshire, helping to decarbonise the UK’s extended power network and meet the UK’s net zero goals.”

Chris Elder, CEO of West Burton Energy, commented:

“We are delighted to be working with Harbour Energy to decarbonise West Burton B’s energy furthering our investment in the Nottinghamshire area.

This project will ensure that we can continue to provide safe, efficient, flexible and reliable generation to power the UK whilst supporting our ongoing commitment to help Britain in its pathway to achieve net zero.”


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About Viking CCS

Led by Harbour Energy, Viking CCS will develop the infrastructure to transport and store CO2 in secure offshore storage sites. Working with a wide range of emissions capture and infrastructure partners, the project will create a CO2 capture, transportation and storage network targeting a reduction of 10 million tonnes of UK emissions per annum by 2030.

Located in the Humber, the UK’s most industrialised region and largest emitter of CO2, the project is central to establishing a world leading carbon capture industry in the UK and meeting the Government’s net zero emissions targets.

Expected to be operational from 2027, Viking CCS will reuse existing pipelines and utilise decommissioned gas fields in the Southern North Sea to provide UK industries with a competitive option for the transport, storage and sequestration of their CO2 emissions.

For more information, please visit our website.

About Harbour Energy

Harbour Energy is the largest London-listed independent oil and gas company. We have a leading position in the UK as well as interests in Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico and Norway.

Our strategy is to continue to build a global, diversified oil and gas company focused on safe and responsible operations, value creation and shareholder returns.  Across our operations we are committed to achieving our goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 with respect to our scope 1 and scope 2 emissions. In addition, we are well positioned to use our existing skills and infrastructure to help deliver the UK’s CCS goals and more broadly the country’s emissions reduction targets.

About West Burton Energy

West Burton Energy is a privately owned electricity generation company. Our strategy is to provide flexible low carbon generation through our efficient Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plant of 1,333MW including a 49MW battery storage facility. Together, these technologies provide on-demand energy products, essential in supporting the UK’s changing grid landscape and transition to a low carbon economy. In addition, we are currently progressing a 500MW battery storage project at our Nottinghamshire site and are targeting further flexible generation projects in the UK and Europe.

We are committed to reducing our carbon intensity as evidenced by carbon capture and hydrogen generation at our West Burton B plant being progressed.

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