Committed to achieving Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035

We are playing our role in meeting the world’s energy needs through the safe, efficient and sustainable production of hydrocarbons. As our business continues to grow, we know that taking action to reduce emissions and align with the global ambition of Net Zero carbon grows ever more important. Find out more about the actions we are taking today to create value for tomorrow.

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Our sustainability activities focus on:


Our company culture is based upon our values, good working relationships and open engagement with our workforce.

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We share the concerns about climate change and acknowledge the regulatory, societal and political framework we operate in.

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We strive to avoid any potential negative impacts of our operations and to maximise our positive impacts on the communities where we work.

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We are committed to conducting our activities to the highest standards, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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Acorn project

Aims to capture CO2 emissions from the St Fergus gas terminal, transporting them offshore for permanent sequestration.

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V Net Zero

We have been awarded a CO2 appraisal and storage licence in the southern North Sea. Find out about VNZ CO2 Transportation and Storage and the V Net Zero Humber Cluster.

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Premier Oil 2020 Sustainability Report

Discover Premier Oil's Sustainability Report for 2020.

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