34 kboepd (2023 production)

J-Area was Harbour’s largest producer in 2023 averaging 34 kboepd (2022: 30 kboepd). This increase was driven by improved uptime and the contribution from new wells on-stream at the end of 2022 and early 2023. Drilling at the Talbot development, a multi-well subsea tie-back to the Judy platform, was completed in 2023 with first oil on track for around the end of 2024. Other 2024 activities include the Jocelyn South exploration well and, at Judy, two infill wells and a rig-based well intervention campaign. Planning for additional wells to further increase recovery from J-Area is also underway.

Judy - 67.0% operated

Judy and Joanne are in Block 30/7a of the UK central North Sea approximately 240-kilometres south-east of Aberdeen. They sit in Quadrant 30 of the J-Area (or J-Block) with overlapping reservoirs. Judy is a manned platform with accommodation, production, processing and gas injection equipment. Joanne is a subsea manifold with six subsea wells tied back to Judy. Commercial oil production and gas sales from Judy/Joanne began in 1997. After being processed on Judy, gas is transported through the CATS Pipeline and liquids are transported through the Norpipe system to Teesside.

Jade – 67.5% operated

Jade lies approximately 240-kilometres south east of Aberdeen in Block 30/2c. It is a high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) development, which consists of a normally unmanned installation (NUI) tied back via a subsea pipeline to the Judy facility from where all operations are controlled. Hydrocarbons from Jade were first discovered in 1995. Production from Jade is processed and exported through Judy.

Jasmine – 67.0% operated

Jasmine is a gas condensate field located in Blocks 30/6 and 30/7 of the UK central North Sea approximately 255 kilometres south east of Aberdeen. It is part of the J-Block first round licence awarded in 1964 and is the fourth development in the J-Area after Judy, Joanne and Jade. The development consisting of a 24-slot wellhead platform (JWHP) with bridge-linked accommodation, came onstream in 2013. The JWHP is tied back to the Judy platform to the east via an 8-kilometre pipeline and a riser platform at Judy. Production from Jasmine is processed and exported through Judy.

Talbot field development

The Talbot field lies within UKCS Block 30/13e, in the central North Sea region of the United Kingdom Continental Shelf. It is a discovered light-oil and associated gas field with a life expectancy of up to 16 years. The development is situated in a water depth of 75 metres with the nearest coastline (Scotland) located approximately 278 kilometres to the west thereof. The proposed development lies 7 kilometres west of the UK/Norway transboundary line.

The development comprises a subsea drilling template and manifold with associated infrastructure and a pipeline connecting the Talbot field subsea facilities to the Judy platform. The Judy platform is located approximately 16 kilometres to the north of the Talbot field. Hydrocarbons produced from the Talbot field will be processed on the Judy platform before being transported back to the UK mainland at Teesside.

After the Regulator granted consent for the project, first development drilling operations commenced in the second quarter of 2023. First oil is expected in 2024.

Judy platform bridge
Jasmine platform
Jade platform