West of Shetland

14 kboepd (2023 production)

Harbour’s Harbour’s West of Shetland assets which comprise our interests in Clair, Schiehallion and Solan produced 14 kboepd (2022: 14 kboepd) during 2023. Production was supported by four wells drilled across Clair Phase One and Clair Ridge, and a further three wells at Schiehallion. Drilling continues at Clair Ridge following the completion of the five-yearly rig recertification in Q3, with up to four wells planned in 2024. Further wells are also planned at Schiehallion this year.

Solan - 100% operated

Solan lies in Block 205/26a of the UK continental shelf. It is 96 kilometres North West of the Orkney Islands and 135 kilometres West of Shetland. The Solan field, which lies in a water depth of 135 metres comprises three producing wells and two injector wells tied back to a normally unmanned conventional steel platform. Oil is produced into a 300,000-barrel subsea storage tank and offloaded via shuttle tanker. First oil was achieved from Solan in April 2016.

Clair - 7.5% non-operated

The Clair field was discovered in 1977 and extends across more than 54,300 acres spanning five blocks in the West of Shetland area.

Clair Phase 1 production began in 2005. The Clair Ridge Project is the second phase of development, which targets part of the field northeast of Clair Phase 1. It comprises two steel jackets, one supporting a drilling and production facility with 36 well slots, bridge-linked to a living quarters and utilities platform. The Clair Ridge facilities tie into the existing oil and gas export pipelines to the Shetland Islands. First production from Clair Ridge was achieved in November 2018.

Schiehallion - 10.0% non-operated

The Schiehallion field is located 175 kilometres West of the Shetland Islands.

Production began in 1998 but was interrupted in 2013 to allow for the refurbishment of the subsea system and replacement of the FPSO (floating production, storage and offloading) vessel.

In 2017, the purpose-built Glen Lyon FPSO was brought to the field with process plant designed to handle 130,000 bopd/220 million cubic feet of gas per day and a storage capacity of up to 800,000 barrels of oil.

Gas from Schiehallion is exported to the Sullom Voe Terminal and crude is exported by shuttle tanker to Rotterdam.

Helicopter landing on Solan
Solan platform with standby boat
Solan platform bridge-linked to flotel
Clair Ridge
Glen Lyon FPSO