19 kboepd (2023 production)

Production from Elgin Franklin averaged 19 kboepd in 2023 (2022: 24 kboepd). This reflected natural decline from the existing well stock and a return to more normal levels of uptime compared to the exceptionally high level achieved in 2022. Production was also impacted by the operator’s decision to defer the EIH well, which was originally expected online towards the end of the year, in response to the introduction of the EPL.

Elgin -19.3% non-operated | Franklin - 19.3% non-operated

The Elgin/Franklin fields are two adjacent gas condensate fields located in the UK Central North Sea around 240 kilometres (130 miles) east of Aberdeen.

Elgin/Franklin started production in 2001. The development consists of a TGP-500 jack-up design production, utilities and quarters (PUQ) platform located on Elgin (the Elgin PUQ). The Elgin PUQ is bridge-linked to a satellite wellhead platform (the Elgin A WHP), which is bridge-linked to the Elgin B WHP. A normally-unmanned WHP is located on Franklin, with production transported via subsea flow lines to the Elgin PUQ.

Once processed on the Elgin PUQ, liquids are transported via a spur line to the BP-operated Marnock field and onwards via the Forties Pipeline System. Sales gas is exported via a dry gas pipeline to the Shell-operated Bacton terminal.

West Franklin - 19.3% non-operated

West Franklin was developed via an extended reach well drilled from the Franklin WHP, with first production in 2007. The West Franklin phase two development started production in January 2015.

Glenelg - 33.3% non-operated

The Glenelg gas condensate field is located in blocks 29/4D and 29/5B of the UK Central North Sea, 4 kilometres (2.4 miles) to the west of Elgin/Franklin. Glenelg was discovered in 1999 and began producing in 2006.

Glenelg was developed as a satellite to Elgin/Franklin and is produced via a single well from the Elgin A WHP. Condensate from Glenelg is exported from Elgin via a spur line to Marnock and onwards through the Forties Pipeline System. Following processing offshore on facilities at Elgin, gas is exported via the SEAL pipeline to Bacton.

Elgin PUQ platform